Ukrainian Research Information System (URIS)

Ukrainian Research Information System (URIS) is a web-based service that collects, manages, stores and analyzes information about research being carried out by Ukrainian universities and R&D organizations. The ultimate goal of the URIS is to enhance the location of information and experts on research and boost visibility of national research. In the future, the system will become a booking gate for technological services and research infrastructures and automation tool for key procedures within the scientific domain.

Implementing CRIS will bring many benefits to the various set of stakeholders: it will help researchers with quicker access to information and lessen administrative burden, enable funders easily track the result and return on the work they have supported, assist businesses in finding a new perspective technologies, enhance decision-making process of officials and lastly, raise awareness among citizens in regard to national science.

The system will contain information on publications, dissertations, patents, researchers, research organizations (their departments, units) and project descriptions. Furthermore, it will display multiple research metrics at the researcher, research group and institutional levels. The CRIS system will update regularly and link related research objects.

Functionality of National Research Information System :

  • Data aggregation of scientific and R&D activities in Ukraine;
  • Automation of certain procedures and processes within scientific domain;
  • Fixing incomplete metadata and enriching data quality;
  • Providing verification of data and ensurement of its validity;
  • Showcasing national research in a structured way;
  • Single access point for researchers, higher education administrators, funders, business and general public.

Expected results:

  • Ensuring openness of research information related to scientific activities in Ukraine;
  • Creating service for finding information, data, equipment, services and resources for different research purposes;
  • Making process of finding experts in narrow scientific domains faster and more effective;
  • Simplification of analytical information preparation used for decision-making;
  • Simplification of reporting procedures for researchers, research administrators at higher education institutions;
  • Improving visibility of national research and societal impact.

The developer and technical administrator of the System is the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.

Decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of February 13, 2020 № 1 / 1-13 On the establishment of the National Electronic Scientific Information System “URIS

Briefly about the system and its construction

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