Methodological and scientific-practical bases of creation of an electronic full-text resource of scientific and technical information (electronic library) in the SSTL of Ukraine

The introduction of open access to information resources is a current global trend that provides access to a wide range of scientific resources. The Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 892-r dated 08.10.2022 “On approval of the national open science plan” approved Ukraine’s path to open access to research results. This trend gives rise to a number of challenges facing the SSTL of Ukraine. The Scientific and Technical Library’s collections are perhaps the largest in the country, with collections of scientific and technical books, periodicals, patent and regulatory documents, PhD and doctoral dissertations, deposited research papers on various media (paper, microfilm, microfiche, electronic media) and numbering over 16 million copies of documents.

Modern architectural solutions make it possible to combine the electronic information resources of the SSTL of Ukraine into a single information system – the Electronic Library (EL), which will allow accumulating, storing, and using various collections of documents. Also, using modern technologies of page optimization and web resource search, it will be possible to quickly find the necessary information in external search networks.

The research is carried out within the framework of the topic “Scientific research on the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of education, science, innovation and technology transfer. Forecasting of scientific, technological and innovative development” in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 109 dated February 03, 2022.