Implemented and perspective scientific and technical projects of the National Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine

Projects implemented:

Research infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that are used by the research communities to conduct research and foster innovation:

  • Scientific collections, archives and structured information (scientific data )
  • ICT-based infrastructures (data and computing systems and communication networks)
  • Major scientific equipment (or sets of instruments )

The program “Horizon 2020” aims to:

  1. Developing the European RIs for 2020 and beyond
  • Developing new world-class RIs
  • Integrating and opening national and regional RIs of European interest
  • Developing, deploying and operating ICT based e-Infrastructures
  1. Fostering the innovation potential of RIs and their human resources.
  2. Reinforcing European RI policy and international cooperation



computing systems,

communication networks including ICT-based infrastructures such as Grid,

computer infrastructures,

software infrastructures and middleware.

Why is the RIs an important and relevant topic?

  • Reboot the science base to increase competitiveness
  • A new service-oriented approach (user access)
  • Diversity in research and innovation (defined by national roadmap for RI development)
  • Relations with the regional economy
  • Increasing political value (EU and ESFRI priority)
  • New EU legal framework (ERIC consortia)
  • Support for individual projects

Main tasks of RIs

  • Providing research (research service)
  • Education, including school
  • Provision of public services
  • “Centers of gravity” for the development of regional technology clusters
  • Science popularization among general public

ESFRI – European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures

ESFRI includes:

  • European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
  • European Data Infrastructures (EDI)


RICH 2020 project

  • All the RIs listed in the ESFRI Plan have been collected and made available for free
  • There is a selection of documents and links to important projects
  • Information on internal project contests is provided on a regular basis
  • Provides information on transnational and virtual access to existing RIs

More information for Ukrainian readers.

The Terminology Center (TC) of the SSTL of Ukraine operates on the basis of the Research Department. The research is conducted by terminologists recognized worldwide.

More information for Ukrainian readers.

Prospective projects

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