The Scientific Research and Digitalization Department is one of the leading departments of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine which performs various scientific projects in the field of scientific communication, Open Access, Open Science and scientometrics. Department is committed to openness, open access to information and aims to make information more accessible, transparent and reusable by creating new digital services and improving existing ones for disseminating, storing, analyzing and visualizing scientific data. Its work also focuses on establishing guidelines for research performing institutions on generating quality metadata and designing data formats. SRDD is also a national operator which facilitates dialogue between different stakeholders of the R & D domain in order to integrate research information from multiple state homogeneous systems and create a national research information system which will enhance decision-making process of officials, help researchers with quicker access to information, lessen administrative burden and raise awareness among citizens in regard to national science.

Research projects funded by the state:

«Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI) as a tool for tracking citation of research publications: development and introduction» НТР №0118U100304

(duration: November 2018 – December 2019).

«Building current research information system URIS: Development of the general architecture of the National electronic scientific information system» НТР №0120U101690

(duration: April 2020 – December 2021).

«FAIR research information in Open Infrastractures» М/248-2019

(duration: November 2019 – December 2020).

Priority directions of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activity:

  • alignment domestic electronic information systems with international standards and data formats for metadata harvesting;

    -improvement of completeness and data quality which comes from various sources and is usually used in decision-making process on the level of institution and national level as well;

    – developing software tools for constructing and visualizing bibliometrics data for researchers, journals, publications etc.

    – conducting research projects in the field of scientific communication, open access, scientometrics and bibliometrics;

    – creation and implementation of innovative digital solutions for enhancement of scientific communication, development of policies and procedures;

    – monitoring and analysis of publishing output of Ukrainian researchers, providing digital support of research conducted at the State Scientific Library of Ukraine, in particular “Building National Electronic Scientific Information System” and “Open Ukrainian Citation Index” projects;

    – providing consultations, trainings, presentations, masterclasses on topics relating to persistent identifiers, OA publishing, information search, research data management, scientometric tools etc.;

    – providing consultations on how to work with citation databases Web of Science, Scopus etc.;

    – raising awareness of ukrainian scholars about benefits of using persistent identifiers of research institutions ROR and registry role in developing National Roadmap of Research Infrastructure;

    – cooperation with foreign specialized organizations, implementation of joint projects, participation in national and international scientific conferences;

    – data stewardship – curation, analysis, processing, protection and storage of research data both at the level of individual projects and the institution as a whole.

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