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Basic services:

SSTL of Ukraine offers users the country’s largest collection of sources of scientific and technical information, which includes fonds of patent, regulatory and technical and industrial documents; dome and foreign scientific and technical books and periodicals; candidate and doctoral dissertations; reports on research and development; funds of deposited scientific works and abstract of dissertations, etc. The electronic abstract and full-text databases subscribed by the library allow to get acquainted with dissertations of foreign countries, resources of scientometric databases “Web of Science” and others. Access to them is provided in the reading room of the library. To search for the necessary documents it is possible by means of the reference and search device consisting of system of electronic, scanned and card analogs.

When searching for necessary information, library users have the opportunity to use help of a professional bibliographer-consultant who will find the necessary publication or advise the most productive and fast search methods, and if necessary documents are not available, will attract additional information of SSTL of Ukraine, World Wide Web, foreign and Ukrainian libraries.
SSTL of Ukraine provides the opportunity to obtain a certificate or consultation on the availability of the publications in the library by phone or e-mail, as well as to pre-order by filling out the feedback form “online request” on the website

SSTL of Ukraine provides the opportunity to use funds and services to citizens without restrictions on the level of education and speciality, regardless of gender, nationality, citizenship and political benefits. Users according to the “Rules of use of SSTL of Ukraine” have the right to work with documents from the library in the reading rooms, using the Internet from their own devices without sound signals or appropriate library equipment. If the SSTL of Ukraine does not have the necessary
documents, user can apply for interlibrary loan (ILL) and order them by filling out an order form. The basis for opening an ILLL in SSTL of Ukraine for other libraries and third-party organizations is a completed and duly certified subscriber’s registration card.

In order to popularize the library fund in the library premises for users are exhibitions of new acquisitions, thematic exhibitions which exhibit monographs, scientific collections, textbook, periodicals, abstracts of dissertations, patents and regulatory and technical documents from the library collection. Exhibitions dedicated to outstanding personalities in the field of economics, science, technology, culture, and other spheres of public life are also organized for anniversaries. To inform remote users, the library uses the practice of organizing virtual exhibitions, which provides the ability to view them remotely without visiting the library, unlimited exposure, replenishment of new documents in the required number of titles and more.

SSTL of Ukraine as a scientific-informational and cultural-educational center of network of scientific and technical libraries of Ukraine systematically organizes and conducts scientific-methodical, library-informational and other public events. The library has a permanent system of professional development of librarians, which helps to improve their professional and general cultural level, the development of creative activity and initiative; studying the experience of implementing innovations in the library industry in Ukraine and the world. The library conducts presentations of publishers and their best publications, meetings with authors, as well as accepts proposals from persons interested in joint events though the form of feedback “online request” on the website


Providing visitors with free access to scientific databases, including, in particular:

Phone for inquiries: (044) 521-93-58.

Online services

Information on the structure and content of the library collection SSTL of Ukraine is available to users 24/7 through the interface of the electronic catalog, posted on the library’s website . Users are also offered lists of new acquisitions to our collection, thematic virtual exhibitions, SSTL of Ukraine publications, links to Internet information resources, announcements of events planned by the library etc. A lot of interesting things are available to read in the news section of our website.

SSTL of Ukraine provides an opportunity to receive online information about its resources, services, availability of documents in the library fund by e-mail by filling out the feedback form «online request» on the website After authorisation on the website it is also available to remotely sign up for the library and pre-order the necessary documents.

Instructions for enrolling a user in SSTL of Ukraine and ordering documents through the library’s website

If it is not possible to issue the original document on the interlibrary loan (IBA), library users can order a service «electronic delivery of the document» and receive an electronic copy of the document or its fragment by e-mail. It can also be done in the “request-response” mode by sending an order letter in any form to the library by traditional mail, fax (044) 521-93-50 or by filling out the feedback form “online request” on the website

SSTL of Ukraine systematically informs users about new arrivals to our collection and professionally creates virtual exhibitions of new arrivals, including a bibliographic list of new arrivals of monographs, abstracts, standards, scientific collections, conference proceedings and periodicals.It is possible to get acquainted with them on the website of SSTL of Ukraine in the section “Electronic resources“. Users have the opportunity to order systematic address informing about new arrivals to the collection of the State Scientific Library of Ukraine on selected topics or problems by filling out the form “online request“.


Paid services:

At the request of users, employees of the SSTL of Ukraine will search for documents on this topic; compile a bibliographic index or bibliographic list of information sources; if necessary, prepare a thematic selection of documents or their fragments in the form of a copy in paper or electronic formats; provide the necessary factual information; provide thematic targeted information on new arrivals; provide advice on Ukrainian natural and technical terminology; will conduct terminological examination of Ukrainian scientific and technical literature (textbooks, monographs, patents, etc.) on natural and technical terminology, etc.

Patent and regulatory and technical documents are issued to users outside the library through an interlibrary loan (IBA) subject to the payment of a service subscription paid in accordance with the list of paid services with the provision of documents for temporary use. At the request of the user it is possible to make a copy in paper or electronic form.

At the request of the customer, the specialists of the SSTL of Ukraine will carry out thematic, nominal (brand) and numbering search of patent documents in the library and specialized databases of the Internet with providing users with copies of found documents or thematic abstract and full-text collections. Search capabilities of specialized databases provide a search for all major bibliographic elements. Library users can get advice on intellectual property issues and read the electronic catalog of patent law literature.

The fund of industrial documents of SSTL of Ukraine is a unique collection of various types of industrial catalogs (address-nomenclature, branch, catalogs-directories), passports on products, technical descriptions and operating instructions, schemes, drawings, etc. This fund contains the information needed to create modern technical and design solutions; carrying out engineering and design developments; creation of modern technologies and improvement of production processes; finding partners for sales and purchases; determining the requirements of the world market. Library users can get acquainted with the electronic catalog of industrial documents and get the necessary factual information.

An important direction and an integral part of the information service system of the SSTL of Ukraine is information and bibliographic service. At the request of users, the library will prepare thematic bibliographic indexes and lists of current scientific and scientific-technical issues; executes and edits bibliographic lists for diploma, course, control works and dissertations; if necessary, provide individual consultations. Electronic versions of bibliographic indexes and lists are presented on the library’s website in the section “Products and services”.

The UDC index is determined by Ukrainian-language editions of UDC tables, which are prepared and published by the Book Chamber of Ukraine named of Ivan Fedorov, by the topic (content) of the publication. The headings of STI are determined according to the national classifier “Rubricator of scientific and technical information DC 022: 2008”, which is a hierarchical classification system with universal thematic coverage of knowledge related to the current state of science, technology, economy. To obtain the UDC index or the STI heading, it is necessary to provide the following information about the document: full name; Summary; Keywords.

Users of SSTL of Ukraine can order copies of necessary documents from the fund of DNTB of Ukraine and digital information resources of the library according to the “List of paid services of DNTB of Ukraine” taking into account the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights”.

The SSTL of Ukraine shall deposit the results of intellectual activity in accordance with the “Instruction on depositing the results of intellectual activity of scientific and technical content in the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine”. This service gives authors the opportunity to preserve their intellectual product, certify the priority of its creation, if desired, to publish and receive royalties in accordance with the terms of the contract.

User reviews:

Thanks to D.G. Lukyanenko; Thanks to Yu.V. Kargapolov; Thanks to M.Yu. Ilchenko; Thanks to Svitlana Kharchenko; Thanks to D.O. Chernishev; Thanks to V.N. Kalinchik.

At the request of users, specialists of the State Scientific Library of Ukraine organize and conduct seminars and internships on the introduction and use of modern information technologies; other scientific and methodological measures, including professional development of librarians and information workers; consultations are provided on work in the field of intellectual activity, search of documents; seminars are organized to discuss new bills, etc. SSTL of Ukraine systematically prepares a number of publications aimed at disclosing the content of our collections and meeting the information needs of users. More detailed information – on the website in the section “Products and services”.

Taking into account the current needs of users, the level of informatization of society, legislative changes and the dynamics of reader requests, the library develops and improves a system of paid services that provides quality, efficiency of information needs and increases the comfort of library services. The full range of paid services and their tariffs are specified in the «List of paid services of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine».

Depositing the results of intellectual activity :

After creating an intellectual product, every author could be faced the protection his copyright problem. The practice of intellectual right protection in Ukraine is showing that the most difficult thing in copyright infringement disputes is to prove the fact of the creation of the intellectual right in a particular form, on a particular date. аnd the fact that it was created by a particular author.

Since 2017, the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine has introduced a service for intellectual right depositing. The depositing of intellectual right is a special method of conservation the products of intellectual right in the library and introducing information about them into public circulation, which authorship and priority facts fixation. If the author does not consider it necessary to make his intellectual product public, the depositing concerns conservation only.

The depositing procedure is carried out in accordance with the Instructions on depositing the results of intellectual activity of scientific and technical content in the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, approved by the Order of the Library № 29 27.07. 2017.

During the period of martial law in Ukraine, this service became especially relevant.

Recently, scientists not only from Ukraine, but also from Poland and Portugal have deposited their results of intellectual activity in the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine. Their works were registered in the Library database. The Certificates of Deposit are issued in Ukrainian and English languages. In this tough period, the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine provides authors with the opportunity to cooperate remotely. For any questions:

The results of intellectual activity depositing during martial law is an additional advantage for authors to preserve the results of their intellectual work and protect copyright. Also the practice of intellectual property depositing is popular in EU. Applications from EU scientists indicate an interest in cooperation with Ukraine and the successful work of the Library team in the context of the integration of Ukrainian science into the European research space.


Free services are provided on the basis of the State standard for free services by club and library cultural institutions of state and communal ownership, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine October 15, 2013 № 983 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine November 19, 2013 № 1966/24498.
2. Paid services are provided on the basis of the List of paid services that may be provided by state and municipal cultural institutions, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 12, 2011 № 1271 (as amended by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of July 12, 2017 3 493), and Regulations on the provision of paid services by the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.