Research on information and communication technologies for archiving research publications and creating deposit tools in accordance with the Open Science paradigm

The implementation of the Open Science paradigm is a current global trend that provides access to a wide range of scientific research. This trend poses a number of challenges for both scientists who publish the results of their research and the organizers of the process of publishing and preserving these results.

For scientists, an important issue is to fix the authorship (date of its creation) of a scientific work and the term of publication of the results of their intellectual scientific activity, so that in case of detection of infringement of intellectual property rights, they have an evidence base for resolving disputed issues. This issue is especially acute when publishing in open access journals, as the period between submission for review and actual publication may take several months. A comparative analysis has shown that most scientists use preprint services, such as arXiv or repositories, but open access to the text of publications can blur the citations to the preprint version and the article, reducing their impact, or create problems in integrity checks, as not all anti-plagiarism systems analyze this data correctly. Some scientists obtain copyright for a scientific work or a part of it, but the period for obtaining a certificate takes several months, and it is inconvenient to submit it in paper form in person or by mail.

An alternative is the deposit process, which, if properly organized, allows to ensure the fixation of authorship with or without publication of the text, to do it online or, in the case of no publication, by mail with the receipt of a certificate of deposit of the work, which certifies the fact of deposit. A comparative analysis of the world experience in the use of escrow to record the results of intellectual activity has shown that 179 countries recognize the Certificate of Escrow as an evidence base in the judicial authorities of different countries; domain owners accept certificates of escrow to block pirated content and content that infringes copyright, and the holder of the Certificate of Escrow can receive investments from international investors.

The research is carried out within the theme “Scientific research on the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of education, science, innovation and technology transfer. Forecasting of scientific, technological and innovative development” in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 109 dated February 03, 2022.