Library services

Providing information on the composition of the SSTL of Ukraine’s library collections, providing users with information on available full-text and other resources based on the reference and search engine;

The SSTL of Ukraine offers its users the largest collection of scientific and technical information sources in the country, which includes collections of patent, regulatory, technical and industrial documents, domestic and foreign scientific and technical books and periodicals, PhD and doctoral dissertations, reports on research and development, etc. The electronic abstract and full-text databases subscribed by the library allow to get acquainted with dissertations of foreign countries, resources of scientometric databases “Web of Science”, “Scopus”, etc. Access to them is provided in the library’s reading room. You can search for the necessary documents using the reference and search apparatus, which consists of a system of electronic, scanned and card catalogs.

Electronic resources

Providing visitors with consulting assistance in finding and selecting sources of information at their request based on the reference and search apparatus and the work of qualified bibliographers;

When searching for the necessary information, library users have the opportunity to use the help of a professional bibliographer-consultant who will find the necessary publication or advise on the most productive and fastest search methods, and in case of absence of the necessary documents, will attract additional information resources of the SSTL of Ukraine, the World Wide Web, foreign and Ukrainian libraries. The SSTL of Ukraine provides an opportunity to obtain information or advice on the availability of publications in the library collection by phone or e-mail, as well as to pre-order documents by filling out the feedback form.

Online request

Familiarization with exhibitions – new acquisitions, thematic, dedicated to significant and memorable dates, personalities, etc;

In order to popularize the library collection, the library holds exhibitions of new acquisitions, thematic exhibitions, which feature monographs, scientific collections, textbooks, periodicals, dissertation abstracts, patent and regulatory and technical documents from the library collection. Exhibitions dedicated to personalities – prominent figures in the field of economics, science, technology, culture, and other spheres of public life – are also organized to mark anniversaries and memorable dates. To inform remote users, the library uses the practice of organizing virtual exhibitions, which provides the possibility of viewing them remotely without visiting the library, unlimited period of display, replenishment with new documents in the required number of titles, etc.


Round-the-clock access to electronic information resources of the SSTL of Ukraine, placed in free Internet access on the library’s website;

Information on the structure and content of the SSTL collection is available to users 24/7 through the interface of the electronic catalog – Web-IRBIS, posted on the library’s website Users are also offered lists of new acquisitions to our collection, thematic virtual exhibitions, SSTL publications, links to Internet information resources, announcements of events planned by the library, etc. You can read a lot of interesting things in the news section of our website.

Obtaining reference and consulting information and pre-ordering documents through the library’s website (online request);

The SSTL of Ukraine provides an opportunity to receive prompt inquiries about its resources, services, availability of documents in the library’s collection by e-mail by filling out the “online inquiry” feedback form on the website After authorization on the site, it is also possible to register remotely at the library and pre-order the necessary documents.

  1. On the SSTL website, in the left menu, click on the triangle after the words “Search in e-catalog”. You will be taken to the databases of the SSTL electronic catalog.
  2. Find the “Authorization” window in the right corner of the web-IRBIS interface. Click on the key image located after the word “authorization”.
  3. The form “Registration card of the reader” appears, fill in its required fields and click the “Record” button. After that, you will be assigned a library card number.
  4. To order documents through the website, in the “Authorization” window, enter your last name in capital letters in the “Last name” field.
  5. In the “Password” field, enter your library card number.
  6. Press the “Enter” button.
  7. Your box in the catalog will open, as well as access to the form and the order basket. You will see the appropriate inscriptions and your name in the upper right corner.
  8. Find the document you need in the electronic catalog.
  9. Under the bibliographic description of the document you are interested in, click “Order”.
  10. Enter your library card number in the “Reader ID” field.
  11. If you are ordering a periodical, fill in the fields below.
  12. Click the “Order” button.
  13. Your order will be added to your “Cart”.
  14. The list of orders can be viewed in the “Form” in the upper right corner.
Online request

Targeted informing about new acquisitions, subscription resources, thematic informing, etc.

The SSTL of Ukraine systematically informs users about new acquisitions to our collection and professionally creates virtual exhibitions of new acquisitions, including a bibliographic list of new monographs, dissertation abstracts, standards, scientific collections, conference proceedings and periodicals. They are available on the SSTL website in the section “Electronic Resources”. Users have the opportunity to order systematic targeted information about new additions to the SSTL collection on a chosen topic or issue by filling out the “online request” form.

Online request