The role of the SSTL in reforming Higher Education and Science system in Ukraine

The ongoing reform of the Higher Education and Science system in Ukraine aims at reducing isolation and stagnation in academic research, bringing down existing gap with education, strengthening labour market demand for well-qualified graduates and promoting engagement with wider society.These steps have to be taken in order to fasten integration of Ukraine into European research ecosystem.

The reform focuses on 5 major aspects including the “Science and Innovation development”. This aspect impies redesigning and modifying the way research is being funded and evaluated, unlocking science and innovation potential of national scholars by creating appropriate work conditions and providing access to science literature.

One of the key achievements in this segment is launching a new search engine – Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI), built by Scientific Research Data Management Group (SRDMG) of the SSTL. OUCI is intended to simplify the search of scientific publications, to attract the editors’ attention to the problem of completeness and quality of the metadata of Ukrainian scholarly publications, and will allow bibliometricians to freely study the relations between authors and documents from various disciplines, in particular in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Citations database of OUCI is supposed to be integrated with Ukrainian Current Research Information System (URIS) which is being developed by the SSTL. URIS will collect, store, manage information about research which is being carried out in Ukraine and simplify administrative burden of researchers by facilitating the reuse of research information. More information about the reform.