Ukrainian Research Information System (URIS)

The goal of the project “URIS” (Ukrainian Research Information System) is to build and introduce a powerful nationwide CRIS to monitor the research being carried out by Ukrainian universities and research organizations and to enhance decision-making process in research sphere regarding financial support at the national level as well as on the organizational and research unit levels.

Information about research output is stored in a various electronic databases (commercial Scopus, Web of Science, institutional and thematic repositories etc.) what creates barriers for reasonable decision-making in managing research activities of a specific organization or country as a whole. In order to solve such issues a Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) are being used to collect, manage and disseminate research information in many countries.

Modern CRIS will help researches in accessing information, enable funders easily track the result and return of the work they have supported, assist businesses in finding a new perspective technologies, and lastly, help citizens to better understand in which directions Ukrainian scientists work.

The system will contain information on publications, dissertations, patents, researches, research organizations (their departments) and project descriptions. Furthermore, it will display multiple research metrics at the researcher, research group and organization levels. The CRIS system will update regularly and link related research objects.

Presentation of the URIS project

Decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of February 13, 2020 № 1 / 1-13 On the establishment of the National Electronic Scientific Information System “URIS”

Examples of successful national and institutional CRIS systems: