Integration and Visualization of Data and Knowledge for Biomedical Research using Graph Theory

The pandemic of COVID-19 has shown that it is difficult to process all the scientific information available today. Based on a preliminary estimate, 2300 papers on COVID-19 research have published since the beginning of the year and this list is doubling every 20 days. Clearly, that without using specialized tools it is impossible to read and analyze all new publications in a timely and effective manner.

We propose to build an open online tool for creating interactive visualization of graph models of citations of scientific publications on COVID-19 which will help users to detect influential research papers, and will include papers in all languages.

The tool will provide access to strong articles written in different languages and the possibility to translate them by using automatic computer translation. Moreover, the tool will help to find researchers teams and scholars which work in a particular region. Additionally, such functions will help officials to identify domestic specialists.

Project status:

We have applied for the competition of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine “Science for Human Security and Society”