Neural Search Engine for Ukrainian Terms (NSEFUT)

Summary of the project, expected results

Based on available free online mining tools (,, https: // hypcol.,, an appropriate program for the Ukrainian language will be created. This tool will be trained, tested and tested on copyrighted texts and other open text data of relevant subject matter. The program will identify, in scientific, technical and general texts, lexical units (words and phrases) that are possible terms, and issue three lists: (1) a list of new candidates for the first-time term; (2) a list of previously verified terms available in the relevant database; (3) a list of incorrect terms that have already been marked as incorrect. These lists will be provided in Ukrainian with options for translating the terms into Russian and English. As a result of the project implementation, it is possible to carry out in a semi-automatic mode the terminological and general linguistic expertise, sectoral classification and semantic analysis of Ukrainian texts.


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Status of the project: Completed