Research data management as a service of the academic library

The project aims is to develop methodological foundations for the implementation of research data management services in academic libraries in Ukraine.

The amount of research data is growing too fast, so not only team or laboratory researchers are involved in the data management process. Researchers also face new challenges, including how to make their own research data available to society, how to standardize and process data for publication, what metadata to assign, where and how to share it. The impetus for the implementation of a data management plan for a particular study is the requirements of the grantors and sponsoring organizations. Policies of peer-reviewed journals are also increasingly suggesting that not only the publication be presented as a result of a study, but also that access to its source data be made available. The problem of data management outgrows the level of research groups only, and requires the involvement of specialists in other fields, including librarians.

Data management and curation services have become a topic of research and practical implementation for many modern academic libraries in the world. However, the implementation of such services requires not only the improvement of the overall data management plan, but also the study of the needs of scientists in specific fields of knowledge, since the type, features of data collection and dissemination, and the re-use of data for different scientific fields will vary greatly.
Ukrainian libraries either not offer to their users data management services, neither explore the capabilities of libraries in this area and the particularities of working with scientific data in specific research areas.

Status of the project: Completed