One of the main tasks of SSTL of Ukraine is to collect and preserve the main cadastre of the national literature on science and engineering, formation of qualitative and scientifically grounded holding of documents.

The guarantee of the Library holding complete acquisition of domestic documents and scientific-technical literature is the right to receive the obligatory free of charge samples of all scientific-technical issues which are published in Ukraine. SSTL of Ukraine holding is also supplemented with normative-technical and patent documents on the following main sectors: energetics, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, instrument engineering, chemical industry and chemical engineering, biotechnology, transport, communications, construction, computer science and other (The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree # 608 of 10/05/2002 “On Procedure of Obligatory Samples of Documents Delivery”). The Library receives around 60 thousand sample of the documents each year.

The structure of the library documentary holding:

Holding of patents
Holding of normative-technical documentation
Holding of industrial catalogues
Holding of scientific-technical literature
Holding of reference-bibliographic and informational publications
Holding of unpublished documents
Holding of deposited scientific studies
Depositary holding
Exchange collection