Ukrainian consonants by the International Phonetic Alphabet

This summer, the article of the Chief Science Officer of the National Scientific and Technical Institute of Ukraine concerning the designation of Ukrainian consonant phones within the International Phonetic Alphabet was published:

Vakulenko, Maksym O. 2019. “Ukrainian Consonant Phones in the IPA Context with Special Reference to / v / and / gh /.” In: Linguistica online 22: 1-26. Published online August 22, 2019. Available at:

It complements the earlier reported article on Ukrainian vowels: Vakulenko, Maksym O. 2018. “Ukrainian Vowel Phones in the IPA Context.” In: Speech 35 (2): 189-214. Available at: DOI: 10.22210 / Speech.2018.35.11.

Both articles were inspired by the author’s participation in the project of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., the results of which are important in the context of the modern vision of the scientific and technical library as an information and research center. This is an important milestone. Finally, there is a need for a minimum of up-todate and experimentally validated information on Ukrainian sounds, which has been properly peer-reviewed by foreign experts. There is now a minimum base that makes it possible to put on a scientific basis the process of rendering foreign words, as well as the process of scientific and technical translation, and the spelling process, too.